Used colours in our firm:

Price without VAT 21% and Shipment costs

Sonix (Sonet) is produced with RDS (only ailerons) as standard.Servo not included RDS.

– Servo Wing HV – KST X10 43€/pc (52.03€ with VAT)
– Servo Fuselage KST DS215MG  – 27€/pc (32.67€ with VAT)
– Servo Fuselage KST X12-508 – 37€/pc (44.77€ with VAT)
– Installation 30 € / 1 servo – 180€ full model



Scout F3F / F3B / Elektro  Pricelist

Wings no RDSWings RDS
F3F standard1000€1025€
F3F strong double carbon1120€1145€
F3F light double carbon1120€1145€
F3B double carbon1120€1145€
F3B light double carbon1220€1245€
Elektro double carbon1120€1145€
Elektro light double carbon1220€1245€
V-tail double carbon125€
Separate wings (left + right) standart695€720€
Separate wings (left + right) double carbon815€840€
V-tail standart105€
V-tail double carbon125€
Fuselage glider180€
Fuselage elektro180€
Nose cone20€
Balast set40€
Alu cover wings + V-tail35€



SONET/SONIX/STINGER / Elektro version  Pricelist

Wings no RDSWings RDS
F3F standard930€955€
F3F strong double carbon1050€1075€
F3F light double carbon1050€1075€
F3B double carbon1050€1075€
F3B light double carbon1150€1175€
Elektro double carbon1050€1075€
Elektro light double carbon1150€1175€

Price of spare parts

Wings no RDSWings RDS
Separate wings (left + right) Standart645€670€
Separate wings (left + right) Double carbon765€790€
Wing joiner40€
Nose cone20€
Alu cover wing + V-tail35€
Balast set40€



Extra color additional fee:

Standard colout – + 0 €


  Stripes – +20€


Additional color layout on request available + ? €