Electro versions of models

Electric model Sonet,Sonix and Stinger


Foto Sonet-E / Sonix-E

SonetE2 SonetE1

SonetE4  SonetE5

SonetE12  SonetE11
SonetE6  SonetE7

SonetE9  SonetE8


Basic motor setups:
Motor – Mega AC 16/25/2 + KPG25 (5.2:1) – link
Propeller – GM 16X10 – linkSpeed Controller – Jeti Spin PRO 66 OPTO – link
BEC – Castle Creations CCBEC 10A PEAK 25V MAX INPUT SBEC – link
Spinner – 38x8x3

Battery – Turnigy Bolt 1300 (1800)mAh 4S 15.2V 65~130C High Voltage Lipoly Pack (LiHV) – link
Recommended fuselage servo  KST X08 V5 – link


Alternative motor:
Tenshock EDF TS-EZ1530 – 10T – 4pole 2750KV (2946)

with Micro Edition 5:1N – link
Peggy Pepper HK-2524 with Micro Edition 5:1N 4plus-Inject/T
2410KV – link

Drive test – motor Mega+KPG5.2:1 , propeller GM16x10:

Model Sonet flight weight 2300g
2300 height


2300 vario

2300 currend

Engine temperature
2300 motor tep


2300 energy

Motor time
2300 runtime


Download Log files from the transmitter Jeti DC16:
(temperature A – Motor , temperature B – Speed controller)
Weight model 2300g – link
Weight model 2800g – link
Weight model 3300g – link

Download program to view log files – link

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